Flat-Out Gorgeous

Flat Out Gorgeous

Happy Friday, beautiful! Let’s talk about a seriously important trend that I believe all moms will welcome with open arms and a full glass of vino- flats! Flats have long been a favorite of mine (see here and here) and are finally so much of a trend that they have even been featured on the most prominent runways with formal gowns during fashion week. This trend is nothing new to the chic and stylish French women- so much so that it wouldn’t even be considered a trend to stylish Parisian moms. It’s simply a French classic. The best thing about this trend (and reason to bust out the wine) is that they are comfortable- perfect for the stylish mom on the go!

Although flats are now a trend, they’ve been a wardrobe staple of mine for years (ok, decades). Now that they are in fashion, the variations and styles of flats available are infinite (yay). From sparkles and shine to embellishments and animal prints, there’s the perfect flat out there waiting to come home with you.

Get Shopping:

Clockwise from top- Matt Bernson Velvet flats, Ann Taylor leopard bow flats, J.Crew floral mule flats, Ann Taylor black suede tassel flats, J.Crew embellished tweed flats.