Our Adoption Story… The Call

Cherry Blossoms

Happy Friday beautiful. In my last adoption post I shared with you how we made it through the “waiting game” of adoption. Then, one day when I called our adoption agency, it turned out they had something exciting to tell us. While we were out on our weekly date night, I made a call to our adoption agency to confirm the day we would visit them while we were traveling in Oregon and Washington the next week. Just as I was saying goodbye, they asked if I had a minute.

“We’re out to dinner, but sure.”

“It’s pretty exciting news…”


“Well, there’s a mom pregnant with twins… and she’s due in two weeks… and none of the families waiting ahead of you are approved for two babies or can take two…so, if you want…”

Cut to me smacking my hubby on the knee while we sat at the bar of a Thai restaurant on our date night mouthing the words “Two in two!” I was trying to say “two babies in two weeks” but I couldn’t even get that out. He was clueless as to what I was carrying on about. Meanwhile, I’m doing everything I can to not scream at the top of my lungs that we were getting not one, but two babies! Hubby still had no clue what was going on. Pretty much everything else the girl at the adoption agency said was a blur, except that it was twin girls.

After the call was over, I told my hubby. He was shocked. I was shocked. How could this be?! We thought we still had about another year to wait for one baby and now we would be getting 2 babies in 2 weeks. Needless to say, our typical date night turned into a celebration. Amongst all the excitement, we knew a lot could happen before we would get to hold our babies in our arms so we proceeded with cautious excitement. And, WOW, a lot did happen….

6 thoughts on “Our Adoption Story… The Call

  1. I have just discovered your blog and spent time reading through your Adoption Story posts. They have brought me to tears. I am in my third year of trying for a baby and struggling with infertility. I’m not sure if I’m called to adopt yet. It’s something I am praying over, but I wanted you to know that these posts have seriously brought so much joy to my heart and really spoke to me. Thank you for sharing! XO –

    Anna | http://www.parkavenueblogger.com

    1. Anna,
      It warms my heart to read your message. This is exactly why I decided to include my daughters in the blog. I know exactly what you’re going through. My best advise is to keep your faith and open your heart to infinite possibilities. I’ll tell you this- as you can probably see from the photos of me with my cherry blossoms- the bond and love I have for my girls, and the ones they have for me, are far beyond anything I ever could have ever imagined. This is the same for my husband and all of our extended family and friends. We have been blessed. God bless you as you continue your journey.