Our Adoption Story… Oh, the Emotion

Cherry Blossoms

Happy Friday, beautiful. In my last adoption post I shared with you THE phone call. You know, the call from the adoption agency telling us that we were being matched with twins…. who were going to be born in two weeks. Two babies in two weeks?!  We thought we still had about a year to go for one baby and now we were suddenly getting two. Words can’t even explain our excitement…. but we still had to be cautious with our excitement. We knew a lot could happen in those two weeks.  Although we wanted to shout it from the mountain tops, we only shared the news with family and a few close friends.

It was actually six years ago today that we got the call, and I remember it like it was just a moment ago. It’s funny how the memory works. Some details are blurry while others are incredibly vivid. I tend to remember emotions with incredible clarity, while all the other details are more uncertain. The mixture of emotion was intense and overwhelming. We were elated about becoming the parents of twin girls, however we had to be cautions. So much needed to happen. Most importantly, the birth mother still had to have a healthy delivery. Also, there was always the chance that she would change her mind and not give the babies up for adoption. We also had to travel to Japan to receive our daughters, the girls needed to pass a medical exam, and we needed to file our paperwork and pass the interview with the embassy. We felt like we wouldn’t truly be able to relax and feel safe with our daughters until we were on the flight back home with our babies.

Keeping all of these emotions under control would have been a monumental task for anyone. Have I mentioned before how emotional I am? Not in the crazy way. It’s just that I feel any emotion very deeply. So, there I was, feeling all of these emotions but trying to keep them suppressed until we were flying home with our healthy babies in our arms. Then, just a day after the news, it happened. Every emotion came out of me like a volcano. I was in the shower and suddenly I felt everything at once. I began to laugh, cry, scream, and dance all at once. I had never felt such raw joy before and it took control over me. It would’ve been quite the scene to witness, but thankfully I was alone. I was alone to feel this and experience this. For that moment, I let go of the caution and felt happiness and excitement like never before. It was like a dream.

Now that I got all of that out of my system, I had a lot to do. I had to prepare for twins and I didn’t have much time…