Our Adoption Story- Gotcha Day

Gotcha Day

Hello, beautiful! Today we are celebrating our Gotcha Day, but we like to call it our Gratitude Day (keep reading and you’ll find out why). Six years ago today, we saw and held our babies for the very first time. In my last adoption post I shared with you the day our babies were born. This was almost the most exciting day of our life…. almost. That was until the day came that we got to hold our babies for the very first time.

We woke up before the sun that day. Maybe it was the jet lag. Maybe it was the twirling mix of emotions. Probably mostly the emotions. We had arrived in Osaka late the previous night and only slept a few hours. We weren’t going to receive our babies until later that afternoon. The representative from the adoption agency in Japan was meeting us around noon to take us to Himeji, a city near to our daughters’ birthplace. When we met him, he appeared as an angel and he was truly a kind man. We learned more details about our daughters’ birthmother on the train ride to the hotel where we would be united with them. He informed us that she was eager to meet us and wanted to present the babies to us out of gratitude. This warmed my heart and made the day even more special. Once we arrived to the hotel, we checked in and then had to wait more. He had to drive to the hospital and bring everyone back to the hotel, therefor we had a few more hours to wait. It seemed like eternity. We had waited years to become parents, but those few hours felt like a lifetime.

Finally, the moment arrived. It was time to meet our babies. This was a brand new emotion and more powerful than all of the others I had experienced. I was nervous and scared. Suddenly, I remembered something- what if they didn’t “fit” in my arms? Let me explain… I’ve always loved babies, but I never felt comfortable holding them. It was as if my arms weren’t designed to hold a baby, let alone two! All of those thoughts melted away as soon as I laid my eyes on them. We were on the mezzanine level of the hotel overlooking the lobby. As we approached the escalator to take us down to the lobby, I saw them. The lobby filled with light as our angel from the adoption agency appeared with two women, each holding a tiny little baby. Boom! My heart had just exploded. I don’t remember the rest of our journey down the escalator- maybe we jumped or floated the rest of the way down.

Next thing I knew, WE were holding our daughters… and it felt like a dream! There it was… for the first time in my life…. not one, but two babies fit perfectly in my arms! It was perfect. I also realized in that moment that it had been exactly nine months to the day from when we decided to adopt and began our journey. We never imagined that nine months later we would be holding our twin daughters for the very first time. See… it was perfect.

The next few hours were a whirlwind and a blur and a blessing. We all went back to our tiny hotel room. Our angel from the adoption agency served as our translator as we got to talk to and get to know our daughters’ birthmother and she got to know us. Perhaps it was in what wasn’t said that we expressed the most. We laughed, cried, and hugged each other. She was there out of gratitude for us, however we were overflowing with gratitude for her. Across oceans, lands, and cultures, we were untied forever because of the greatest of loves.

Gotcha Day