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Virtual Yoga Class

Hello beautiful. Finding time for fitness can be nearly impossible, especially during the holidays. Although exercising is often pushed to the bottom of my to-do list, it’s probably the most important and valuable thing I should be doing. To be honest, sometimes I go a couple of  months without exercising (except for the exercise I get chasing after the twins). This is mostly due to not being able to fit the class times into my schedule. Then I also have to figure in travel time to and from the class.

Thanks to the internet, I can take a fitness class anytime and I don’t have to leave my house. I don’t know why I didn’t start doing this sooner! All I need is a yoga mat and WiFi. Although I enjoy tennis, yoga and pilates are my favorite ways to keep in shape. I love the flexibility, strength, balance, and energy I get out of the combination of yoga and pilates, although most of these classes bore me. Lucky for me my favorite instructor, Sean Vigue, has online videos (on YouTube or the app) I can do anywhere and anytime. I used to take Sean’s class every Wednesday night for quite a few years. I became close friends with some of the other students, including his wife. Our Wednesdays quickly turned into Pilates & Wine Wednesdays- a tradition we kept going for a few years until Sean and his wife moved away. Great music, witty jokes, and even impromptu opera thrown in every now and then, Sean’s classes are guaranteed to keep you laughing throughout your entire workout. His workouts can be tough, but his sense of humor will make you forget all about it. From beginner to advanced, Sean has a workout for you. So, grab your computer or tablet and a yoga mat and enjoy an amazing workout… then enjoy a glass of wine.

Do you take online fitness classes? What are your favorite ones?

What I’m wearing: Cynthia Rowley leggings & Lulu Lemon top.

Special thanks to Allana Wesley White Photography for the lovely photos.

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    1. Thanks Sean. Sometimes Carly and I will even do a class together on YouTube instead of working out at the gym… followed by wine of course!