Maui Wowi Part 2

Mama's Fish House

The view from our table at Mama’s Fish House

The magical island of Maui has so many beautiful place to see, adventures to experience, and restaurants to feast at. With so much to do and see, we had to narrow it down so we made a Maui bucket list.  Our neighbors who recently moved from Maui helped us create our bucket list by filling us in on the locals’ favorite spots.

My hubby is a pilot so many of our travels include helicopter, hot air balloon or plane tours.  We couldn’t go to Hawaii and miss out on a helicopter tour, therefore it became #1 on our bucket list. I affectionately joke (and am very thankful for) that my hubby is Mr. Safety because he takes time to research the safest and most exciting tours he can find. He found Blue Hawaiian Helicopters to be the best choice. We opted for the tour of West Maui and Molokai. This was absolutely one of the most spectacular experiences of my life. The majestic beauty is indescribable.  We saw emerald mountains, rocky cliffs, sandy beaches, crystal waters, sparkling waterfalls, and migrating whales.  Mila and Kiaya loved the adventure and took in all of Maui’s beauty. I recommend going early in the morning and when you’re all done you can hop on over to Mama’s for lunch.

Mama’s Fish House was THE restaurant our neighbors told us we could not miss.  Since Mama’s is only 10 minutes from the heliport, we made plans to have lunch there after our morning helicopter tour. Another fantastic suggestion! I have never been to a restaurant with a more stunning location and view.  If the view wasn’t enough, the drinks, food, and service were all what island dreams are made of.

This was the perfect day of adventure, sightseeing, and unforgettable food.  After lunch, the girls slept on the beautiful drive back to our hotel, the Montage at Kapalua Bay. To learn more about our home away from home in Maui, read my post Maui Wowi Part 1 (click here).

What have been your favorite travel adventures?  Do you have a travel bucket list?  I’d love to hear from you.


View of Molokai waterfalls from our helicopter tour


Mila and mommy loving the helicopter tour

Kaiya Helicopter

Kaiya and Daddy were lucky to get front seats with the best views next to the pilot!

mama's black pearl

The famous Polynesian Black Pearl dessert at Mama’s Fish House

Maui Mila at Mama's

Mila taking in the view at Mama’s


Kaiya and Mila exploring the gardens at Mama’s Fish House


Looking for sea turtles with my cherry blossoms at Mama’s Fish House

Links to our day of adventure: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters and Mama’s Fish House


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