Tea Time Tuesday… Me & Tea

Teacup Tower


Hello love! Welcome to tea time! It’s time to take a little break. For centuries, cultures around the globe have embraced tea for various reasons. The Brits make tea for anything, especially when they need to be strong, and they add milk and  sugar. How sweet is that?! The tea ritual and process is calming for the Asians. The French have tea to be civilized, calm, and to create a beautiful setting. The Russians do tea for warmth and tradition. It is steeped with intense spices in India, while in Morocco mint tea is favored. All of these cultures pair food that plays off their particular tea.

Nearly anywhere you go in the world you will be offered a cup of (or a “cuppa” if you visit England) tea of some sort. From the tea variety to the food paired with it, tea is a deep part of many cultures- including my own! For me, tea time is a beautiful brew of all of these traditions. It’s a ritual. It’s relaxing. It’s nourishing. It’s calming, yet it enlivens my soul. Hot tea warms me when I’m cold and ice tea cools me off when I’m hot. It’s a moment to be at peace or it’s a time to laugh. I’ve created new and strengthened old friendships over tea. Tea time is all of these and it’s a positive constant in my life.

What does tea time mean to you? Please share, I’d love to know.

Teacups Galore

The teacups featured in the photos are just a small part of my collection. Many of them are heirlooms and some are gifts. Others I collected on my travels. All of my teacups have a story to tell and evoke special memories. 

6 thoughts on “Tea Time Tuesday… Me & Tea

  1. Tea time sometimes means “me time”, but usually it is just a way to gather everyone, to slow us all down, and be civilized and “in the moment” – we often forget that in today’s life 🙂

    1. I love these cups too! Each one of them tells a story and reminds me of someone special. I also begin my day with a cup of tea- lately it’s been green tea. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I start every morning with a cuppa. I go to the kitchen before the kids wake up and take the time to enjoy the peace before the mayhem of 4 children begins!