Summertime Fun- It’s a Bug’s Life


Happy summer! We have been working hard on our summer plan of no plans. Even though our cherry blossoms have been going to camp a few hours each day, we have the rest of the day to have fun. One of our favorite (and easiest) activities is to splash in the pool. Since Mila and Kaiya started survival swim lessons when they were less than a year old (essential pool safety for Florida living), they are strong swimmers and happy little mermaids in the pool. One of their favorite pool activities is something they created themselves- they like to collect all the bugs, lizards, and frogs that may be floating in our pool. Yes, our little sparkly princesses like love to use their pretty pink butterfly catchers to scoop up any critters that may have met their demise in our pool. The fun doesn’t stop there. Then they lovingly put them into a plastic box filled with water to keep as their pets (I guess 4 cats aren’t enough for them). Aside from larger snakes and spiders, I don’t get very squeamish in the presence of our wildlife, however a collection of breathless creatures is not my cup of tea. I do love our daughters’ love and compassion for all animals and sense of adventure. I’m in awe of their curiosity of and passion for nature. As for their fearlessness- it’s only reserved for nature. These two critter catchers are still terrified of characters (such as Mickey and Goofy)- go figure!

What are your kids’ favorite (possibly odd) summer activities?  Do your children love nature or are the intimidated by it? Please share.

summer fun

summer fun

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