Making Summer Reading Fun for Kids

Kaiya Reading to Unicorn

Hello, beautiful. Summer break is in full effect. Our summer is filled with a mixture of traveling, camps for the girls, hosting out of town family and friends, Disney days, pool days, beach days, and plenty of lazy days at home. Those lazy days are to give everyone a break and relax. My cherry blossoms love to spend these days playing with their toys, watching movies, and occasionally getting into trouble. You know that moment you realize your kids have gone completely quiet?! Your heart pounds and your thoughts race. Chances are your kids are up to something. You know, like that time they attempted to make slime on their own and found your beautiful countertops covered in a sticky mixture of glue, water, and baking soda (true story)! Well, I had one of those the-house-is-eerily-quiet moments the other day. Are their toys stuck in the toilet again? Are they playing makeup artist with paint? Are they using the scissors to redesign their wardrobe? With my mind running wild and hoping for the best, I went on the search. Then, I saw where all the silence was coming from. Kaiya was… wait for it… reading to her unicorn. Oh my goodness, it was the sweetest scene ever. Still, in her (Christmas flamingo) PJs and messy bedhead hair, she was sweetly reading her old baby books (Marshmello the Unicorn is a baby after all) to her unicorn. Then I had to find out why Mila was so quiet and I found her watching YouTube videos on daddy’s computer. They may be twins, but they are two very different little girls.

Although I like to give Mila and Kaiya a break from the crazy schedule of the school year, I still make sure they keep up with their reading and math skills. As you can see, this is easy for Kaiya-she loves to read and reads all of the time. In fact, Belle has always been her favorite Disney princess because Belle loves to read. Then there’s Mila… she does like to read but she’d rather be doing cartwheels and spinning in circles around the house. I needed to find something to keep Mila interested in reading during the summer break so she does not fall behind. Thankfully we discovered Barnes & Nobel’s Summer Reading Program to get Mila just as excited to read as Kaiya. All the kids have to do is read 8 books and then they get a free book. It’s simple as that. Kaiya has already completed her 8 books and can’t wait to pick out her free book. Mila is about halfway there but is eager to complete her goal and get a free book too.

Do you try to keep your kids reading through summer? What have you discovered that keeps them excited to read? Please share, I’d love to know.