Back to Reality


Happy Friday, beautiful! Is anyone else having trouble getting back to reality?! The reality of schedules, routines, work, school, after school activities, homework, fitness, grocery shopping. cooking, cleaning, and the endless list of responsibilities of life after the excitement of the holidays? I don’t know about you, but I’m having trouble finding my groove. Our holidays were filled with parties, family visiting, holiday decorating (oh how I love the soft glow of Christmas lights), gift wrapping (and hiding gifts from curious kiddos), baking (we still haven’t decorated our gingerbread house) and travel. I absolutely love every bit of the holidays, but it can get overwhelming and take over life. This happened to me and for self preservation I had to let go (queue Elsa’s famous solo) of a few things (hello last stack of Christmas cards I addressed and never mailed). To be honest, I had so many amazing posts planned for Jeans and a Tea, however life took over (along with issues of the website makeover) and I was unable to post as much as I had planned.

My cherry blossoms started school again last Thursday, which seemed way too soon. This was their first full week back to school so it was my week to get back to me. Back to life. Back to reality. Haha- who else has Soul || Soul running through their head now (boy, am I dating myself)?!  It’s much like the first week back to school when the kids begin a new school year. The little ones (and the big ones) have been off schedule- life has been all about staying up late with visiting cousins, sleeping in, long Disney days (it’s what happens when you live next door to the big mouse), ski vacations and road trips, parties, and endless fun. Now, suddenly, it’s early to bed, early to rise, homework, karate, ballet, bath time, bedtime, and repeat. Oh, and that’s just the for the kids. Mommies and daddies have much more thrown in the midst of it, but we try with all our might to make it seamless for the littles.

How do you do it? How do you find your groove again after the frenzy of the holidays? Please, please share- I could use a few suggestions over here.



Get shopping: Soft Joie sweater, Joe’s Jeans, Anthropologie mug.

Special thanks to Allana Wesley White Photography for the lovely photos.


2 thoughts on “Back to Reality

  1. Happy New Year Amy!
    You are a super mom and juggling everything so well – complete admiration over here!
    Your new website is gorgeous and I know it wasn’t easy to get it just right.
    Looking forward to your posts! Here’s to a wonderful 2018! xoxo. Allana