Ahh…yoga. Yoga for me is much like a cup of tea.  It’s a ritual, it’s relaxing, and it clears my mind. Yoga gives me flexibility, strength, and balance- all of which keep me up to speed with my twirling cherry blossoms. Finding the time to practice yoga, however, can be a bit of a balancing act in itself.  As a busy mommy, I often leave my needs behind. That’s why my time for yoga is often at the end of the day after the twins go to sleep. Sometimes I fall off track and don’t treat myself to yoga like I should. There are times when I’m too tired at the end of the day (a glass of wine often wins here), while other times I just plain forget.  My body always reminds me when I neglect it though- my arms and legs get stiff and tight, my back begins to ache, and my energy level drops. The most difficult aspect is often just getting back on track. Once I make yoga a priority and schedule it in, no matter how exhausted I am, it becomes part of my daily routine and my body is once again at peace. Then, I can reward myself with a glass of wine. Make that a glass of wine and some chocolate.

What brings you balance and peace?  I would love to hear from you.


yoga yoga


Photo credit to Allana Wesley White Photography

11 thoughts on “Ahhh….Yoga

  1. I will try some yoga with my prayers and bible verses I do every morning, which gives me balance and tons of peace.
    Beautiful Pictures Amy!

    1. That sounds wonderful Melissa! What a beautiful way to begin your day. Thank you for your input as well as your compliment on the photos.

    1. Aerial yoga?! Wow! I’ve been wanting to try that- I think you’ve just inspired me sign up for classes! Thank you.

  2. A long, slow swim brings me peace. Not a swim where I’m counting laps, or focusing on my stroke, but one where I’m swimming. I often think I do my best thinking underwater. Which is good, if you’re a fish! Kinda funny, as a human.

    1. i’m not sure why, but i’ve always admired swimmers. i’m rather a walker myself. i can swim, so why don’t i more often ? or even regularly ? it’s a personal mystery.

  3. My work day consumes so much time and going home there are kids to feed, bath, check homework, and so on… I now am taking my lunch break to practice yoga. It is not daily, but it is a start. Our company provides a space and the instructor comes to the office. My afternoons after yoga are so productive.

    1. Wow, Lisa, that’s incredible! How lucky you are to work for a company who looks after its employees with yoga! I imagine it improves work performance for them but the best result is happier and more centered employees like you.

  4. i’ll try to be brief…best since Christy T ! ……..there is something so direct and hard to define about body shapes doing yoga poses when they are beautiful. …. oh !! ……um….health is beautiful ?