RoyalTEA- A Royal Wedding Tea Party

A Royal Wedding Tea Party

Happy Friday, beautiful! Everyone is all abuzz over the royal wedding tomorrow. Why not get together with your girlfriends and have a royal wedding viewing party? Here are some simple tips to celebrate the big day.

  • The wedding airs very early Saturday morning. Don’t fuss and stress about getting up before the sun to host the party. Simply record the ceremony and playback later.
  • Get a variety of teacups, teapots, saucers, and plates. Borrow your grandmother’s collection that has been hibernating in a China cabinet or ask your friends to bring a few to mix things up.
  • Use traditional tea tins as flower vases.
  • Tea- of course, there cannot be a tea party without tea. English Breakfast is traditional but you can add some green tea and herbal teas for a little variety (I can hear my friend who is my British twin screaming at this very suggestion!).
  • Finger sandwiches are super easy to make and no tea party would be complete without them. Simply make cucumber (click here for some recipes), tuna, and egg salad sandwiches, cut the crusts off, and cut them into long rectangles. Get creative with your own fillings or ask your friends to each bring some.
  • Scones (click here for Jamie Oliver’s Crumbliest Scones recipe) with clotted cream (recipe here) and preserves.
  • Pastries, cakes, and biscuits (British for cookies).
  • Bubbles, wine, and cocktails!! You’re having fun with your girlfriends, so why not?! To make it authentic, make a Pimms and lemonade (click here for the recipe).
  • Top it all off with a fascinator. Head to your local craft store for easy DIY fancy hats (click here for instructions)

Cheers to the happy couple and to you and your fabulous friends.


A special thanks to Molly Washatka for the lovely photo.

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