Mother’s Day Home Spa Day

Mommy Bath Time

Whether you’re a busy mommy or you want to pamper your mom with something special, a home spa day is a real treat.  It doesn’t take much to create a relaxing spa at home. The toughest aspect will be trying to find the time to make it happen. All you need is a luxurious bath products, a calming candle, and a cup of tea (or go for a glass of wine, whatever works for you) to relax your soul.

Here are some of my favorite picks to create a peaceful home spa day:

Red Flower Japan’s Wild Cherry Blossom Rice Buff– I had read about this product in a magazine and since I’m a sucker for anything cherry blossom (we affectionately refer to our daughters as our cherry blossoms), I ordered it immediately.  Turns out I wasn’t a sucker here!  Everything about this product is amazing- the delicious scent and the way it softens my skin. Added bonus- you can use it more than once!

Fresh Sake Bath– Amazing scent and a powerful detoxifier.

Jonathan Adler Champagne Pop Candle– I absolutely love this shiny rose-gold, heavenly-scented candle! It adds a little chic and sparkle to any bath to elevate your spa experience.

Voya Lazy Days Detoxifying Seaweed Bath– This one will seem strange but it’s an amazing detoxifier and skin softener.  Seaweed is incredibly nourishing and this one comes from a great organic company. It can also be used more than once.

Traditional Medicinals Organic Chamomile with Lavender Tea This is my absolute favorite tea for relaxing.  The chamomile and lavender combine gloriously together to take you to that next level of relaxation.

Waterford Lisette Teacup and Saucer– So pretty and modern, this was from our wedding registry.


cup of tea

What are some of your favorite home spa products? What about Mother’s Day gift ideas? Please share, I’d love to know.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Home Spa Day

  1. Thank you for your input on teas. I have tried several that you recommended and they are delicious. It is relaxing to have a nice cup of tea and whether I am in sitting with candles in the bath or out-side sitting under the tree with a breeze the tea is the finishing touch to a perfect time.

    1. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed them! Nothing relaxes me more than a cup of tea. Your tea time sounds dreamy!