A Ponytail with a Twist

pony tail with a twis

When I exercise, whether it’s the gym, tennis, or yoga, I need my hair to be tied back completely. My hair is so fine and thin that when it is in a regular ponytail, all the fine, thin hairs stick to my sweaty (or should I should I say glowing or sparkling?) skin.  I find this incredibly irritating. To fix this problem I either braid my ponytail or I give it a twist.  The twisty ponytail is unique and unexpected.  Everytime I wear my hair like this I get compliments, as well as a lot of “how did you do that?”!  It’s quite simple and keeps all my wispy hair in place. I often do this look for my cherry blossoms too and they think it’s fun!

Twisty Ponytail

First, secure your hair back into a ponytail. Then, divide the ponytail into 2 equal sections.


Next, individually twist the 2 sections in the same direction.  Here, you can see that I twisted both pieces to the right. Twist them the entire length of your hair.


Then, twist the 2 sections together in the opposite direction from how you twisted the individual pieces. Here, I twisted them together to the left.


Twist them together for the entire length of your ponytail.


Secure with your favorite hair tie. Voila, you have yourself a ponytail with a twist!

Do you have any tricks to keep your hair tamed during a workout? I would love for you to share!

Photo credits to Allana Wesley White Photography

6 thoughts on “A Ponytail with a Twist

  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the hair likes this :)! I had very long hair for like 5 years but only one month ago i cut it short and donated it for kids with cancer here in the Netherlands. So no more beautifull long-chick-hair-styles for me. But i love to watch this ;-)!

    Love from the Netherlands, x Rosie