JeansandaTea.comWell, hello there Beautiful! I’m Amy and welcome to Jeans and a Tea. I’m a wife and a mommy of adopted twin girls and 4 kitties. My world is filled with love, laughter, fur balls, tutus and glitter (even our tile grout sparkles)! I’m a former model who is passionate about fashion, food, travel, design, fitness, and most of all my family and friends. I find it challenging balancing all of these loves, but I also find inspiration in all of them.

Jeans and a Tea doesn’t only express my favorite clothing to wear or beverage to drink, it is the perfect characterization of me- no fuss, comfy, laid back, stylish, timeless, relaxed. I love fashion, but I’m a busy mom who needs a style that is practical, yet looks and feels good. Comfort and style are a must. Stilettos and mini dresses are great, but not for me these days. I’m talking jeans, tank tops, kitten heels, flats, sandals, flip-flops (I do live in Florida), sneakers, yoga clothes- but still look good.

I want this blog to be real, fun, and inspiring. Relatable with a dose of dreamy (or dreamy with a dose of relatable). I want to have conversations with you, get your advice and opinions, and express mine with you. I want to share my life stories with you and hear about yours.  We all have humorous stories, as well as difficult ones- I want this to be an uplifting place so even the most challenging will highlight the positive. I’ll feature fabulous women with inspiring stories and share their personal style as well as beauty and health tips.

I’ll tell tales of my ever-changing adventures in traveling. The way I travel has changed quite a bit since my first experience living abroad as a grad student, then living and working abroad as a model, followed by the fun of traveling as a tourist with my husband, and now the often comical challenges of traveling with the twins. I want to tell you about our adoption story, my endless struggle to get and stay organized, being a mom of energetic twins, finding the perfect stylish mom-bag, discovering new ways to unwind, being the crazy organic mommy who also loves indulgent treats, my former life as a model, tea with friends, chocolate with friends, wine with friends…. you get the idea.

 Throw on your favorite pair of jeans, pour yourself a cup of tea, and let’s have a chat.

With Love,