Newborn Photo

Hello, beautiful! Today is Mila and Kaiya’s birthday. In my last adoption post, I shared with you how we began to prepare for the arrival of our twin baby girls. We had just two short weeks from when we got the call to the birth of our cherry blossoms and we had a lot to do. The birth mother had a scheduled cesarian, so as long as the babies didn’t arrive early, we knew the day of their birth. My hubby had gone to Panama for a business trip and I continued to research and select all the perfect baby gear for twins. I also signed up for a newborn baby care class at the local hospital- the only class available was on the day the girls would be born.

The day finally arrived! Our babies would be born on the other side of the world. We didn’t know what time it would happen and the anticipation was making me a little cuckoo. I probably called our adoption agency a few too many times that day. Then, FINALLY, we got a call that they were born and they were healthy. My heart exploded. The joy and love I felt was indescribable and has only grown in these past 6 years. I couldn’t believe how in love I was with these babies I had never seen. Just knowing they had arrived and were healthy was all I needed. Then, I received their photos. I knew then that these babies were always meant to be our daughters. Heart. Exploded. Again.

Hi. My name is Amy and my twins were born a few hours ago. My husband is currently flying home from a business trip in Panama.

Eyes of bewilderment fell upon me as I introduced myself to the baby care class I had signed up for.  I had forgotten to mention that we were adopting them and they had been born a half a world away. Glad I got that one cleared up. I enjoyed the class, realized how much about babies I didn’t know (as well as how much I did know), learned a lot,  and made friends with many of the other parents I met in the class. When my hubby returned later that night, we stared at our daughters’ photo and celebrated their first birthday.

Kaiya Birth Photo

Mila Birth Poto

Twins Birth Photo